Scrape Google Snipets


I want to scrape the snipets for a Keyword-Set. Usually around 100-200 Keywords per project.

I'm not sure to understand how the connectors results are to be interpreted. I tried to use the "Google search" connector and the "search results" but I get really strange results.

I am probably dead wrong so here is my question:
Is there a way to scrape google snipets with "SEO tools for Excel" and if yes how?

Thank you (great tool btw.)


Do you mean this part from the Google Search Connector?

How are your results really strange?


Ok, I give it to you strange isn't really descriptive.

The representation of the results is absolutely ok, but I doesnt match at all with my expectations. This could be my issue. On the other side I have no Idea what the results are supposed to represent.

Here an example:

Query: Ordner
Google Site:
Results: 10

My expectation: I though (hoped) I would get an extract of the 10 first serps.

What I get: A list of Title + Description + URL but I cant understand the relation.