Scrape data from different sites?


I know that data can be scraped from pages with the same format?

For example, if I want to scrape data from companies (I would need, Company Name, CEO, VAT ID)

Is this somehow possible?


Not sure what your question is. If there is a common pattern then you can scrape based on that pattern. If different across sites, then you need to use custom solutions for each site.


Sure. Do words count as pattern? What I mean by that is: a common company form is Gmbh. Is it possible to scrape the words before that?

Or is it possible to scrape words after a ":" and before the new line/


Are you asking about how to scrape that specific site?

When I said pattern, I meant HTML content structured in a way that is the same on all different sites and this pattern can be used when making the requests.


No. Various sites with "more or less" the same date.
Thought it would be possible to scrape data after and before specific words


I recommend scraping each site separately with a custom XPath or Regex. Comparing the first two, they are different in several ways, both order of information and also info type included on the right:


Ok, thanks. What I was expecting but still had hope that it would be possible somehow possible to "bulk" scrape and to create a directory