Retry Null Values


I'm using the Google Results Connector + proxies, but some will inevitably return NULL! in the results, how do I mass try them all again? (this usually returns a result after 1 or 2 tries).

My current solution is to copy and paste the domain in the cell that it references, which triggers a retry.



Hi Matt,

There is no native SeoTools support for retrying Nulls or Errors although we are planning to investigate such a solution in the future.

VBA would be one alternative where you can add the results as values and programmatically retry the Null cells.

I've added a delay option to the connector, test it and see if it returns fewer Nulls. You can update the connector from the Manager:



Hi, wondering if anyone has VBA code to refresh #NULL! values?

Right now I click the affected cell's formula and hit return to try again.

Found this code at the following page. Would need it to search each sheet for #NULL! cells and only refresh them:

Public Sub RecalculateSelection()
If TypeName(Selection) = "Range" Then Selection.Calculate

End Sub


I don't believe SeoTools formulas are affected by Calculate method. However, you can set the range formula to the range formula.

So, to identify nulls or other errors, loop the desired range (not tested):

   for each r in rng
      if IsError(r.value) then
        r.formula = r.formula
      end if
   next r