Retry cells with error '#Value!' or delay data being loaded after new command

Trying to 'crawl' lots of data from Google Analytics with seotoolsforexcel. When changing dates, the sheet I built will get updated data. It works great, but some cells get an error message: '#Value!'.

When going to the specific cell, selecting it, and press ENTER, the cell will be filled with correct data. Sometimes after two or three tries.

I was wondering: Is there a way to only retry the cells with an error? Because it sometimes is less than 10%. Or is there a way to load the data slower, with less error results?

Someone who can advice on how to tackle this issue?
Many thanks in advance!

If more information or explanation is needed, please let me know.

Unfortunately, this is not possible currently, but it's something we're looking into for next release!

Ah, that would be great!
When is the next release planned?