Retrieving coverage URLs from Google Search Console


Hi all !

How do you retrieve all COVERAGE URLs from Google Search Console ? Export limit being 1K on the site..

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I don't believe this is possible, those types of reports were depreciated some time ago:


Crawl errors API is depreciated but not URL coverage.
I've heard some other tools have API capacity to retrieve those coverage URLs. I would love not to switch tool in order to get them.. !


Can you find any documentation or point me in the direction of the other tools that provide this API capacity?


Click here


Can you be more specific?


Please remove this topic if you think that there is no API to retrieve all the Urls listed in the coverage of Google Search Console..


So Supermetrics doesn't provide this either?

We can keep it so other users can see it if they have the same question.


Somebody told me they did but they don't.