RegexpFindOnUrl on nth occurrence


Hi everyone,

I'm making a Price comparison between multiple Ecommerce, however one of them only has a product grid, I want to extract the price from the top 5 of any given result.

1st: "variantType":null,"price":{"currencyIso":"PEN","value":149.0
2nd: variantType":null,"price":{"currencyIso":"PEN","value":180.9

So the first one I can extract with regex: RegexpFindOnUrl("url","value":(\w+),1), however, is it possible to get the other 4?.

Thanks in advance,


How about using Dump to get all values combined with Slice to get top 5?


Thanks for the help, do you mind explain a bit more? I don't know how to make a combination of that sort.

I just add dump on the formula and it does work, is it possible to limit to just top 5?


I meant doing like this:

Assuming you get all items in the RegexpFindOnUrl request. Slice will select the first four, Dump will add this array to the worksheet.