Question Re SEOTools Documentation



I purchased a license for SEOTools last year but haven't had much chance to use it until now. The documentation is excellent and I am sure that as I work with SEOTools I will get better and better at making use of its many features.

It would be nice if your documentation contained what I would call a "case study", which showed an example of how one company used SEOTools. Something like:

"Company ABC wanted to improve its Google search ranking. It wanted to see what its competitors were doing, get ideas, and see what it should focus on. So it first used Tool A in SEOTools. It learned [x]. Then it used Tool B. It learned [y]. Then, ..."

Is there any documentation that provides a tutorial of this sort?

Thank you very much.



Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: Case studies is a great suggestion! We definitely need to work on the documentation more.

Right now, there are various blog posts and YouTube videos related to this, but I'm not sure about a typical case study.