Problem with VBA EXCEL and DUMP (Twitter Connector)


Hello everybody.

I’m stuck on something and i cannot figure out how to resolve it.

I got some code that calls a Dump formula (using Twitter Connectors). The formula works well if i execute the code step by step (using f8). But if I run the code using F5, it fails, because the code goes faster than Dump.

I tried using Application.wait., using calculatestate, DoEvents, and a lot more of stuff. Also tried disabling and enabling the Addin, Screenupdatinng, and even a Wait time for an hour. I also tried what you can see in the help webpage, enable and disabling Async and nothing works. I’m really lost.

It’s curioius because if I use and STOP command right after the dump, the worksheets calculates and then the code works, but the problem of using a STOP command in VBA is that an user needs to be in front of the computer to keep the code running and I want to avoid that. I want the code the code to run complete. I use DUMP but I’m not fetching a huge amount of info (around 100 rows of info, and just 1 column).

If you need more information, I’m just using connector Tweets search, and my query is really simple, because is “from:accountname since:2017-11-26 until:2017-11-27” and it’s limited to 150 results.

Is really frustrating to see that the code works PERFECT if I use a STOP command, but i cannot do it that way because i need it to be 100% auto.

Sorry about mi bad English. I hope anybody can help me, because I have no idea of what else to try.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Foxfire,

Can you email the xlsm file to


Hi Victor.

Sure. I’ll mail you a clean version of that part of process, because my actual Excel file is linked to some databases.



Hello everybody.

I fixed it. Not sure why it works, but now my macro works. PReviously, i tried with


And also

Do Until Application.CalculationState = xlDone

but this not solved my problem. Finally, i used both of them right after every DUMP in my code, and now it works!

Do Until Application.CalculationState = xlDone

I don’t understand why both commands combined work better, but my code works for now, and I hope for this to be the final solution.

Anyways, if any of you find any other solution, I would love to hear about it.




Very nice. Does that code make VBA wait until Dump and the Twitter functions have finished? I thought VBA couldn’t identify the fetching progress when SeoTools ran on async.


Actually it’s true. VBA cannot identify the fetching process if runned async. You have to disable it adding true to config file. I had it that way all the time during my macros. And doing it that way, VBA is slower but my macros worked, until yesterday, that i don’t know why it did not until I used Doevents twice, what makes no sense for me.

But right know, the code is working. It takes a lot of time, indeed, but is 100% auto.


have you tried to set as a value the result you get each time you download the data? I mean something like this:
[A1] = dump ...
[A1] = [A1] .value.
This works perfectly for me