Problem with sorting the entries from Search Console

Hey there,

i know that this topic has already been discussed... But it seems that problem isn't fixed yet.

I got data with formula

After getting the data I want to sort them by position, that works. After sorting I want to delete bad rankings/positions, for example from position 30 on. But when I delete these lines, the sorting gets lost.

I just got the latest version.

Thanks for your answers.


You should copy and replace the cells containing formulas with values. Sorting works because the first row is not affected (assuming you use headers). When deleting rows, the sheet changes and the cells recalculate, thus messing up your sorted structure.

Another option is to use DumpTo, which makes the results completely disconnected from the source cell with the formula, and you are free to modify however you like.

Thanks a lot! :smiley: