Problem: JsonPathOnUrl with json arrays


Hey everybody,
I need you help on extracting data from an API that has the following structure:

[{"date": "201617","score": "37.98725594308311","domain": ""}]

I would like to extract the score value but I assume SEO Tools for Excel have a problem with the response being nested as an array not an object (starting with "[" instead of "{"). I get back an error message:

Message:Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is not an Object: StartArray. Path ", line 1, position 1.

When I use the GetTextOnUrl Function I can grab the whole JSON response, therefore I have already eliminated any concerns about authentification to the API.

Do you have any idea on how I can get the score value? Is this a know issue or just a problem on my side?

Thanks a lot in advance!


This is fixed in next version of the tool. You can find a beta here but it's still quite buggy.


Hey Niels,
any new updates on this?
I still can't get this query on a JSON array working in the current beta 5.4.2
Thanks a lot in advance,


Can you provide me with a full Formula?


Hi Niels,
I built an example using dummy data for you.
Hope this helps.



Thanks, I'll take a look at this.


Do you have an estimated release date for the next version?


Sorry I don't. Working on some show-stopping bugs....


Looking forward to it. It's a great product. Thanks.


=Dump(JsonPathOnUrl("";"$..url")) will work in 5.2.

Still working on those bugs...


Can you please try the latest beta and see if this solves you problem:


Yeah, it did! Thank you very much