Post title of facebook posts



Is there a post title field in facebook posts? As the type of content is usually displayed in the title, this will make classification of content easier.

I think it is listed under "name" in:

To clarify:
The title is the one in red, and I think it only exist for videos.

Thank you!


Can you link to a Facebook page post with such a title?


All the video posts have a title

Here's an example
The video title is "Michael Jordan chats with Stuart Scott in 1998"


Thank you, I wasn't aware of that field. Added it and made some other improvements on the Facebook connector:

  • New post metrics: video duration, width/height, title
  • New photo album metrics: Name, width/height, Album
  • New album metrics: cover photo, type, updated time

The 'Title' field is the one you requested:

New version available via Manager if you have SeoTools 9.3 or later:

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