PhantomJsCloud.Regex Connector

I need to use the PhantomJsCloud.Regex connector to pull the full HTML of a complete <article>...</article> tag.

For example:

=Connector("PhantomJsCloud.Regex", "", "(?s)(<article .+</article>)", 1, , TRUE )

However, that only returns the opening tag and nothing more: <article class="padding-0">.

I know this Regex is correct, because RegexpFindOnUrl() returns the full HTML, as expected:

=RegexpFindOnUrl( "", "(?s)(<article .+</article>)", 1 )

PhantomJsCloud is necessary because I'm working on JavaScript-generated content.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

-Tim W.

Thanks for noticing this! It was an issue with newlines when doing regex via connectors. Should be fixed now and updated the Phantom JS Cloud connector.