ParseDate Error (dateModified)


I would like to extract dateModified from and display the date in German date format (DD.MM.YYYY) .
The formula = RegexpFindOnUrl (A2; "dateModified" ":" "([0-9] {4} - [0-9] {2} - [0-9] {2})"; 1) works. Unfortunately, the date format cannot be converted. Error: invalid format
See screen. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong? or is there another way to change the date format?

Thanks and Greetings



The input string should match the string you're trying to parse, that is "yyyy-MM-dd", and then you can format it however you want with the Excel support.

Does that work?


Thanks for the answer. I have found the solution. The formula must start with = TEXT(



Nice solution, but ParseDate should work also :slight_smile:


The problem seems to be in the German version of Excel. ParseDate (A1; "yyyy-MM-dd") returns the same result as DATEVALUE.



That means it works, all dates are stored as a number in Excel (number of days since 1900-01-01). You can chose a custom date format for this cell.