ParseDate (14 déc. 2018)



Any Idea to parse date when we've got in cell. A1 : 14 déc. 2018.
I think =parsedate(dd MMM yyyy) will be ok but no.



This works, but will need to investigate how to solve the french letters. Might require a rewrite of the formula with an additional ' CultureInfo' parameter


Thansk for your answer.
Yes, that would be a good idea (in the meantime here is a solution =ParseDate(SUBSTITUE(A1;"é";"e");"dd MMM. yyyy")
but not very practical on a daily basis;)


Solved it by adding additional argument:

Also notice I did not include a dot after MMM, this is because the default MMM format in french includes a dot (déc.).

Will release a new version in the coming one or two weeks. Let me know if you want to beta test and I can send you a build.


Yes., of course