Old Browser Error



I’m trying to scrape a website with XPathonURL, but the web site keep showing the following error: “Your browser version is old…” The same message appears when I try to access de link directly from Excel: it open on my Chrome Browser displaying the mentioned message. But if i copy/paste the link to the URL Bar directly on my browser, it opens normally.

Any clues?



Can you provide the URL?




@diskborste Any news about that topic? I searched everywhere, but didn’t found solutions for this situation. =/


It works fine for me at my regular computer running windows 10 and Firefox:

However, I experienced the same issue as you are when trying from my office computer running Windows 7 and Chrome.

Can you try setting Firefox as your default browser?



I tried with Firefox (version 55.0.1) as default browser but the problem persists. I also tried with IE and Edge as default browser and got the same results.
I’m using Windows 10, Office 365 (licensed) and SEOTool Version 7.0.11 (trial).

Looking forward for your help.


Okey, can you try with the latest version of SeoTools so we are on as similar setups as possible?



I’m sorry for the delay but I was on vacations.

I installed the newer version (7.0.22) and still doesn’t work. =(


It seems like the issue is with Excel and how it processes web requests, see the following reply:

The discussion also mentions a possible fix: