Not a bug of STFE, but still a bug - not unified API response :(

While querying Sistrix API, in case of no results, API answers on a not unified way. There are two answers possible:

Regularly formatted response

<info country="de" device="mobile" url=""/>
<sichtbarkeitsindex url="" date="2024-03-04T00:00:00+01:00" value="0"/>
<credits used="1"/>

or an error message

<response status="fail">
<error error_code="1000" error_message="no result"/>

The last answers causes empty cell, which breaks authomatic reports and dashboards.

Currently I use a weird workaround to turn empty cells into existing zeros. But - could it be maybe done on STFE side?

Are you referring to the Domain Visibility Index view? I've updated the connector, should show 0 when no result is available.

Cool! Many thanks! Yesterday I was talking to Sistrix support, their statement: every endpoint of their API has same behavior. Means at every endpoint there could be two responses in case of zero. Zero itself and the error I cited (no result). If you could implement it as with Domain Visibility Indexthe whole thing would be accomplished.

BTW: I realized, that in compariskn with your connector, a query of the same endpoints of Sistrix with XPathOnUrl delivers wrong numbers ! I really don't know how to address this here. Do you maybe have an idea?