Noobie- First attempt and not working

I am trying to get some info from the following page, and most seem to not return results.
It may be me...

Some of the things I want are some tables and the product rating to start with.

Here is the xpath to the rating:
here is the full xpat, which I have also tried:

Here is what I have entered
I was expecting to get 4.5

Then here is a table:
This is the specification table:
(note, I do not need the table formatted, just the data, but any formatting is Ok. It can be the outertext, outerhtml etc. I am just looking for the data in any manner, I can parse it from there!)

Is there docs that tell me how to get the different types of data if I need to worry about the type?


Difficult to say what parts of the page you are referring to, but if you mean this part with "rating", then it's not loading when the initial html loads and can't be scraped using regular XPathOnUrl request:

I recommend checking the html source code to see what is available on page load. Then study more xpath to become better at targeting specific stuff on the page.