No value when scraping

Hi there

I'm beginning to have trouble with the html functions:
canonical, title, description and h1,2,3

some of then won't show the value as if both text and background color is white (they aren't i've checked :wink: )

Others (htmlH1) just gives the output "oops... something wen't wrong", which isn't the first H1 element.

Some of you having the same problem?

It appears that site requires a cookie. Here is the H1 tag from the HTML response in Seotools:

</h1><p>Du har tilsyneladende valgt slet ikke at tillade cookies i din browser, og vores site fungerer desv&aelig;rre (ligesom i &oslash;vrigt 99% af andre sites) ikke uden en session-cookie. Denne er helt uskadelig og gemmer kun anonyme data - men er n&oslash;dvendig for at siden fungerer.</p>

You can try to copy the cookie from a normal browser session (using for example Chrome developer tools), then add it to the request header in Global HTTP Settings:

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Thank you for the reply. - i really appreciate it.

It doesent seem to be the problem though.

I don't get the cookie messeage but just the message "whoops .. something went wrong", when im getting the H1.


And the others (canonical, title, description) is just not showing:

I've tried to copy the session cooke .. no luck.

Yes, I get that too. The text from my previous reply was from a different Seotools function that gets the entire HTML response (copy pasted the relevant part).