Neverbounce api integration to validate emails


Hello There
I want to validate email from excel via neverbounce . I am not sure how to do this. also neverbounce provide API please let me know if you need API key for test.


Sure, it is possible to use the Neverbounce API with SeoTools. Best method would be to create a connector for the API. It should be pretty straight forward if you have previous coding experience. Here is a guide which is under development. Quickest way to get up and running is to look at the existing connectors (check the Connectors folder in the install dir) and do some copy pasting.

It might also be possible to do simple JsonPathOnUrl formulas, although you would need to configure the HTTP Settings and set the request type to POST (according to the NeverBounce API docs).

We can also build a custom connector for you, contact me at if you are interested.


Thanks victor, I have followed your instructions and found the solution.

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