Need help with Xpath website


Hi !

I use SeoTools to extract prices of hotels from the website "".
But with the new version my file doesn't work. I didn't create it. The person who did, has left. And I don't understand anything.

Hope that you will have all the informations necessary you need with the pictures to help.



Impossible to help you based on that screenshot. Nothing has changed with the XPathOnUrl function so the issue is most likely with the XPath syntax. I would try to construct the XPath from scratch based on the HTML of, then break down the components to the automated sheet when you've figured out what is wrong.


Thanks for your answer. Even if I don't undestand when you talk about XPath syntax.
How can i send you my file ?


You should learn about XPath to solve your broken spreadsheet before asking others to do if for you :slight_smile: