Multiple 404s and #NAME in SeoTools_v9.3.0.6_20200603

Even tried to download a frsh version, but got only SeoTools_v9.3.0.6_20200603 from official download page.

In this version I get a couple of 404 errors on pretty everything I tried to use today:

  • Google Search Indexing gives an OAuth error out:


Tried to reach documentation - got 404 at

Link to Github answers with 404 too,

Then tried a solution from - and failed with #NAME

Do I have wrong STFE version?

Yes, appears you have the wrong version. The correct documentation link is:

The connector should work, tested it now.

Ok, where I get the right version? If I go through I get still the same SeoTools_v9.3.0.6_20200603 which I already have.

Weird, as you see here, the documentation link was updated about 15 months ago:

Does it have an update via the Manager? If not, try this page, right click and save as, then replace existing connector file in install folder/Connectors.