Moz Connector - Permission denied


I am using the 7.0.11 version of SEO Tools for Excel, so I think the last one and I can't make the Moz Connector work.

I got a new API key this morning -->

And I still get this error


Something has changed with the Moz API. I had to regenerate a new key and are experiencing the same permission issues issues as you with "Top Pages" and "Anchor Texts". Will look into this. Can you get data from the "Metrics" endpoint?

No. I tried Backlinks, Metrics, Top pages & Anchors texts. I still get this 'permission denied' error.

Hell all,
having the same problem here :frowning:

The "Top Pages" and "Anchor Texts" endpoints are only available for paid Moz subscriptions. Will add an info box to make this more clear. It is strange that you can't use the other two endpoints. If @CydZ or @eyah78 can send me your license key, I can investigate the issue closer. Would that be okey? or PM me here.

I sent you an email.

I also sent it.
Hope you will find what's wrong.

Answered both via mail. Cedric, your key is working for me.

I did the same thing as you did. But it really doesn't work.

Maybe a problem with my version of SEO Tools ? 7.0.11.

Hey guys - new user here so...

I too am getting an error message when I try to access MOZ data- but a bit different.

Have MOZ API subscription, Regen'd credentials, reset SEOToosl for Excel settings. nada.

Here's the message -



What part of the Moz Connector gives you that error? Also, did you use a formula?

I do not know which part of the MOZ connector is creating the error - I did try to cut/paste the message, but it seems that cut/paste is not possible - not sure why.

I did not use a formula, I provided first a series of URLs to pull up metrics and then tried a single URL - no dice.

How else can I help diagnose the issue?

I'm having a similar issue, the 'free' version worked fine for the moz connector formulas I was using, but immediately after upgrading to the basic API package, all I keep getting is 'permission denied'.

Did anyone resolve this in the end?

No, unfortunately it doesn't work. Moz seems to add a protection for some IPs. It works for me on a PC and it doesn't work on another one.

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