Metadescriptions never show up


When trying to get about 30 metadescriptions, I just get a "white" blank and never get the data.

If it's processing time, I left my computer on overnight and it still wasn't showing up the next morning.

No error message, just blank field and it appearsed to me that there was processing.


Can you give me the formulas you are using and the Urls?


Blank means xpath working but

  1. there is no element you search
  2. element you search has no value
    If you provide URLs i can check this.


I'm having the same issue and any guidance would be appreciated.

Sample URL



You need to have the attribute 'content' in a separate argument in the XPathOnUrl formula:



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Thanks for you help with this but I'm still having issues. I'm using the formula you provide but I'm getting an error from excel saying "There's a problem with this formula." I'm guessing it's some setting on excel but any guidance would be awesome.




Try to change the semi-colons to commas, you may have US delimeter system:



Bingo! Thank you a ton for your help!