Marketing pixel checker

Is it possible to check/scrape a list of URL's and return if they use any marketing pixels?
One page at a time can be easily checked with chrome plugins, but I need to check a long list.

Do you know if there's a universal syntax for marketing pixels? It appears this is the way Facebook pixels are represented in the HTML code:

That's the tricky part. For the Facebook pixel on it's own this works perfect. As soons as a pixel is deployed via Google Tag Manager or another tag manager it can't be discovered via the source code like this.

Thanks, might be easier with the upcoming addition of a headless browser in Seotools. Do you know if the Facebook pixel always use this syntax? If so, then it can be added to the "FindOnPage" function.

Depends if someone uses the newest code, but usually the pixel ID is used.

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To make use of FindOnURL you should know, what do you seach. If you are looking for any tracking pixel, without to exactly know, which pixel to search, make better use BuiltWith Connector or query BuiltWith through their API.

This sounds promising, cheers! Will look into this one.