Managing multiple accounts on facebook instagram and youtube


Hello SEOtools,

For the facebook and instagram insights, I think there is a limit of maximum 25 accounts which can be signed into SEOtools. When I click on "select from list", there are only 25 accounts displayed. I have more than 25 accounts that are authenticated through the sign-in. Is there anyway to increase that limit?

For youtube, I think the current setup only allows for 1 account per sign-in through SEOtools. Are we able to have the same setup as facebook? i.e. (i) Having multiple accounts per sign-in, (ii) choosing the account via a formula.

Please let me know if this is possible.
Many thanks!


Hi Choong,

Thanks for great feedback. I made an update to the Facebook Insights connector with an account limit set to 50. Not sure if this make any difference, the max might be 25. If that's the case, I need to implement some type of pagination to the "Select from list" function which is more complicated. Or I can add an additional view to list all accounts.

You can update the connector via the Manager:

Regarding YouTube, I thought the account was chosen when logging in and authenticating. Am I mistaken?


Hi @diskborste

Yes, you're right that currently we can only sign in to 1 account during the authentication. I am wondering if we can sign in to multiple accounts at once. So this means I can get data from different accounts at once.



I have more accounts in the "select from list" on facebook insights after the update.

Thanks for your help!


Great, how many accounts do you have access to? I made an additional update with the limit set to 200 for Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Insights connectors.

SeoTools is built for authenticating a single account with the Login/Logout logic so not possible to built support for multiple accounts.

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I have all the accounts (42 accounts) being displayed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @diskborste

Even though the "select from list" shows more than 25 accounts, I am unable to get data from the 26th accounts onward.

I will get this error:


Hmm, that doesn't make any sense. Are you sure it works for accounts 1-25 and fails for accounts 26-42? There is no difference in the way they are fetched, only thing I changed was the item limit in the account response.


Yes, I have counted 17 #VALUE!

I suspect it might be the limit for graph api
Not sure if this is relevant:
"Default Result Limit" is 25 in

Here's a current workaround:
Currently, I can authenticate and get the first 25 accounts,
Logout and authenticate the remaining 17 accounts.


Hmm, I don't think that's relevant, 25 is just the default limit which is set to higher. If it was an actual limit, then it wouldn't give you all accounts.

Perhaps this is because you haven't approved all accounts in Facebook during the authentication process? Try clicking "Edit Settings" and see if all accounts are checked.


I think I fixed this issue. Can you update Facebook Insights and test?


Yes, that works now! Very much appreciated :grinning:

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