MajesticSEO Keyword Data


The MajesticSEO keyword data functionality does not work. If you enter keywords in the box like so...

keyword one
keyword two

it will return results for

It doesn't understand that there is a keyword per line. It is not using the line break, but rather a space to separate the keywords. This is the main functionality I want from this tool and it doesn't work. Please help!

Here is a link to the problem so you can see it in action.

Looking for SeoTools 6.0 beta testers! (updated 2016-11-03)

Hi @morserya,
This should (hopefully) be fixed in the next version.

Thanks for the heads up.


I'll pay to have this fixed now. I have a list of 150,000 keywords that I need to process. I'll pay for your development time to send me an update that addresses this.

If you can't fix the tool would you be interested in developing two pages online that mimics the Keyword Checker? I need this exact functionality but to be able to process a few thousand at a time.



Hi - has this issue been fixed yet? Or is there an existing workaround?



This has been fixed in soon to be released 5.2.


Fixed in 5.2.5: Looking for SeoTools 6.0 beta testers! (updated 2016-11-03)