Login into Google Sheets fails


On trying to login in any Google account i get the same error Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google in order to use Google Sign in..


That is weird, it works for me. What version of Seotools are you using?


this one you attached for me: SeoTools_v8.3.0.1_20200113


And what about other Google services such as GA, Search Console or Youtube?


Absolutely no problem with the same and different Google accounts.


I have honestly no idea why this is happening. One other thing you can try is to edit the seotools.config.xml file (available from the Settings menu) and remove the token from Google Sheets connector tag. Should be somewhere at the bottom. Then restart Excel and try to login again.


Realized a strange thing: after these login issues i've found the Excel table, where i've tried to login into GSheets in my Google Sheets files. Is this a kind of security bug?


Not sure what you mean?


I login directly into my Google account, go into Google Sheets and discover here an Excel file, where i previously tried to login into Google Sheets.


I can't reproduce that. The Google Sheets connector use the Google Drive API for authentication which allows getting the sheet ids. Perhaps this has something to do with your authentication issues?