List of URLS with "0 KB" value after download

I used SEO TOOLS to scrape image files off and AWS server.
Some of the URLS were excessively long.
As a result they thew errors during download.
After an unknown (but long) number of characters the error #VALUE would appear in name column.
One could click on the browser window and arrow down the text to show the second line and if the ".jpeg would appear - the download would continue.

If the URL was excessively long - it would be truncated and be cut off without the ".jpeg".
a "/." woulds appear. This would not download.
I was able to determine a list of the URLS that did complete but did not upload data from the image. It is below. and the truncated URLS.

I will try to find the actual URLs that resulted in a "/." truncated URL.

The list exceeds your character limit.

Do you have an e-mail I can send an excel CSV. file to
GOOGLE Pages I can paste them into. (if so please e-mail me a link.)

Here are two Examples:

Too Long:

Way too Long:

Please let me know.

I have checked the complete URLS in a random sample and they do not resolve. The issue may not be the length but an address issue.

In fact. It appears that the images on the list did not correctly upload to the server in the first place - so there was nothing to scrape. If there was an image - your software probably would have found it and captured it.

Hi Dave, is this issue resolved? Not sure what you mean exactly with "scrape image files". Do you mean DownloadFile() formula? Also, the example URLs are broken.