Language Name Option for GoogleTranslate


Please add an option to the GoogleTranslate connector (.Translate & .Detect) to return the Language Name. (Or provide instructions?)

I believe it would be more efficient to make a secondary API call to .Languages to get the human readable name than to have to perform a separate VLookup. In addition, this would remove the need to have to maintain a separate list when the Google can do that for us.





I've updated the Connector with full Language Names as default and shortcode as optional metric.

Thanks for the feedback!


I very much appreciate this enhancement, Victor - as well as your quick response!

It's been working perfectly, except for one minor issue. I noticed that the connector would sometimes return a null for Language Name, even though the Confidence Score would be 100%. For example:

Dump( Connector("GoogleTranslate.Detect", "食得好!", "Language,Confidence", TRUE) )

I ran this through Google's API explorer and found they actually return "zh-CN", which isn't included within their list languages service.

When I added this new value to your enhanced parser, it now works fine. Please include the following in your master code:

dictLangs.Add("zh-CN", "Chinese (Simplified)");


-Tim W


Thanks Tim, added and updated the Connector :slight_smile: