kW ranking tool


Hello I found this link for the kW ranking tool, but I can't find it anywhere?

Where can I download or how to use the kW ranking tool in SeoToolsForExcel?



there are dozen of such tools, but they all work or don’t work on the same kind: after some queries Google bans your IP address.
Much more reliable way is to use iMacro with a time gap between queries at least of 66 seconds (minimal value of my experience to not to be banned).
Another way is to buy (pretty expencive and not reliable) Google proxies and drive queries through them.


So that’s what the forum looked like back then? Dear god lol. It’s looking very nice on the front end now. Hopefully Discourse is treating you guys well as far as managing it.

And to add to this thread, Are we addressing google IP limitations?

I don’t know how secure it is, but personally, I use Avira Phantom VPN during all my requests. I’ve pulled millions of rows using it and so far so good. However, I’ve only used it on google once, and that was to pull the first image on google search for about 5000+ different part numbers with specific filters to make sure that first image was high quality. Getting the URL’s was done locally since google has a URL parameter format setting. Once I had the URL’s, I launched Avira VPN, and images were saved to a folder I specified.

If that’s not the tool you’re looking for, I misunderstood.


SeoTools has AccuApi connector which you can use to track keyword rankings. It’s not free, but you get 1000 free credits when you sign up.

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