JsonPathOnUrl & filters



I am trying to use the fonction JsonPathOnUrl but I get some errors message. I guess there is a problem with the JsonPath I am using.

Here is an example with this URL : http://magicseo.fr/test.json

I need to get the value of Nq only if Db = fr. So I have this JsonPath :

which works if I try on this JsonPath evaluator :

But if I use the same syntax on Excel

I get an error

Any idea of what I could do to make it work ?

Thanx !


This syntax works for me:


To be honest, I'm not exactly such why your JsonPath doesn't work.


Unfortunately your screenshot doesn't show up anymore. Cann you post your solution again? I'm having the same issue as @CydZ had.

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, sorry about the lost images.

Here is a working formula for me:

Where cell A1 contains the link


Thank your for the response.

In my case it's not working.

This is the json


I'm trying to get the name-attribute of the object, which is active (active == true) - so my jsonpath is:
$..[?(@.active == true)].name

But then I get the error:
"Failed to evaluate expression '@.active==true': The Object must implement IConvertible'

Any idea why this is happening?


Can you try and use the full path instead of ".."? This is what I did to make it work in the example above.


Tried to do it this way: $.filters.all.[?(@.active==true)].name
Doesn't work either!

Error Message: Expection - InvalidCastException
The Object from Type "Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue" can not be transformed into the type "Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JContainer"


Weird. Can you provide the json link so I can try? Also, what version of Seotools are you using?


Uploaded one example here: https://api.myjson.com/bins/v7lcg

Thanks in advance!


That json array is trucky because of many all elements. This works for me:


It worked perfectly - thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

sorry I don't know why my images don't show up anymore.

Thanks to your messages, I also managed to do what I needed.

Here is the formula that works for me :