JS Redirect locator?



Has anyone sorted out a way to check the JS redirects that happen on browser side? HTTP status pulls out 200 OK but the URL is a client side redirect.



I did a similar solution here using PhantomJS Connector:



Thanks for sharing this.

I did try to sort it out and ended up with this function: =@Connector("PhantomJsCloud.Headers";'JP-Ja'!C2) where C2 is the respective cell of URL. However, I am bumping into the below error:

Input String wasn't in correct format.

Is something wrong with the formula I used?


Maybe you don't have latest version of the connector. Have you checked in The Manager?



It is a latest one and I tried restarting the excel but still the same error message.


Okay, can you email me a copy of the workbook with the formula? info@seotoolsforexcel.com


Thanks for the email. I've discovered a bug in the SeoTools code related to this connector which I've fixed for the next release.

However, you should still be able to get the redirect with the following formula which filters the results to only the header containing the redirect url:

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