Using this formula -> =InternetArchiveFirstSeen(A1) , where A1 has the url i want to check but i'm not getting any results.

No idea if i'm missing something?



Hi Dave,

You must be using an old version of Seotools? That formula was depreciated a long time ago.

You should get the latest version and use the new Wayback Machine Connector:

Here is a formula producing the same results as the InternetArchiveFirstSeen:


Ow ok thxs... it's indeed still the version from 2 years ago :slight_smile:


Other issue i can't really figure out..

When using this formula i get the correct date:


When replacing the url by the cell number (A1 for example because i need to get the date of few 100 url's/lines at once) & deleting the Url parameter i get another date:

Any idea where i screw it up :slight_smile: ?



Perhaps the second formula references a blank cell ausch as A7? I get a different date when referencing blank cells. Otherwise, I get the same dates:


I've changed the Connector so the URL input is required and empty cell references aren't allowed. You can update the connector from the Manager:


Thxs but same result here. I might be doing something wrong as well :slight_smile:

Is there any working example somewhere with the formula and a few lines?


Send me the workbook and I'll take a look :slight_smile:


done :wink: #thxsforchecking


Returned back the workbook with proper formula. Also, for other users: