InternetArchive Connector Issue

The InternetArchive.ArchiveStatistics connector is returning a false value for ArchivedCount. When I first noticed this issue earlier this month, the value was 0. As of now, the value 5 is returned for all domains.

My formula looks like this:

=Dump( Connector("InternetArchive.ArchiveStatistics", "", TRUE, "us", "FirstSeen,LastSeen,ArchivedCount", TRUE), TRUE)

Here's an example output from four different domains:

In case has recently changed their markup, the stats are now contained within this tag:



I was able to fix this problem by updating the InternetArchive.xml file. The tag for this field (line 45) should be changed to:

<XPath Expr="//p[@@id='wbMetaCaptureDates']/strong/text()[1]" Id="ArchivedCount" Title="Archived Count" Converter="Int" HelpText="" DefaultValue="" />

Thank you very much. Updated the Connector file.