Instagram and Facebook Analytics Insight

Hi! I would like to understand if for Facebook and Instagram are available following features:

  1. Facebook Pages like for my competitors (list of 100 companies)

  2. Facebook Total Engagement (sum of enagement of each post) for Me and My Competitors for a specific period

  3. Facebook Total Activity = total Post made in a specific period for me and My Competitors

  4. Instagram, same insight as Facebook

  5. is the code VBA available so I can modify in case my SeoTools plugin?
    Thanks in adv


  1. Yes

  2. Yes, with some manual Excel calculations

  3. Yes. same as above

  4. Insights is available for your own account, not same metrics

  5. Yes, you can write your own VBA scripts for Seotools functions.

thanks for reply
Nr. 4, you mean that for Instagram there is no possibility to:

  • Check how many post one Instagram Account made from date to date
  • Check how many reactions got from date to date
  • Check for example which post got more reaction


You can get that stuff if you mean reactions as in likes/comments. I meant that Facebook and Instagram have different metrics (Instagram doesn't have shares etc).

Hi Victor and Happy New Year!!!

Sorry I have deleted my previous post because I dig a little bit more on SeoTools :slight_smile:
So i got this ..
Account Lookup by Username => works only for Followers/Follows ..and for 1 account if I select more account (excel range) doesn't works, it does not work Posts
Lates Post from Account (i don't know lates of which period, I would like to be able to select date) => works only for one account ..:frowning:
Post Lookup ..does not work

Can u help somehow!?

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Account Lookup by Username -> You can use Formula mode and reference a list of usernames to make this work for many usernames:

Latest Post from Account -> This fetches the latest 12 posts which is the posts displayed on the page when visiting a user. This is because Seotools currently can't handle scrolling. So, its not possible to filter by date.

Post Lookup -> Weird, can you try and update the Connector via the Manager and also reply with the post URL that doesn't work?

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