ImageProperties Error



I'm getting the following error when I try to bulk validate image URLs.

What's causing this issue?



How are you doing the "bulk" part?


I meant a range of cells containing image URLs.


Range of cells are not supported. You need to use Formula mode for one image URL, then expand the formula to the rest of the list.



What valid values does the formula take?


imageURL is pretty self-explanatory. For fields, should I use the properties exactly as they are listed here:

Lastly, what do I put in for excludeHeaderInResult?


You can experiment with the formula settings from the ImageProperties taskpane (found in HTTP tab):

Here, you can chose the fields and other arguments. In the example, I've used brackets around A2 which is a shortcut to insert the cell reference in the formula.


Thank you!

I used the formula to validate image load status. For most, the returned status was ok, but for some, I got #VALUE!.

For example -

The link is public and you can paste the URL into the browser to see the image, but the formula is returning #VALUE!. Why is that happening?

FYI, the formula is =ImageProperties(s420,FileName,TRUE)



Just following up on my question. Actually, I'm not even sure if you are a support staff or just a very friendly community member, but I'm appreciative nonetheless!

Can you please take a look at my question and tell me what the issue might be?



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for noticing this. I haven't solved it yet but working on it.

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Identified and fixed the error. The fix will be included in the next release (hopefully out in 1-2 months).

Do you have other examples of image urls which resulted in errors?


Thanks for the update!

Here are a few more.



Thanks, all images worked :slight_smile:



Has this been fully resolved with the update? There are still some image URLs that are returning error.

For example...

The formula I'm using is
=Dump(ImageProperties('SEO Optimized Feed - NO PAPER'!U26,"FileName",TRUE))



Hi Kevin,

We have not released the new build yet but if you email me ( I can send it to you. Those images returns 'forbidden' and the same is true for the DownloadFile function. Will need to look into why.


Update: Issue has been fixed