IBM Watson Connector Not Working


I'm trying to use the IBM Watson Connector and I keep getting this error, no matter which endpoint I select:
This text will be hiddenI've read the previous post titled IBM Watson Error and seem to be experiencing the same problem as @RichTatum had described.

@diskborste, in your last post to that topic, you said that you upgraded the connector to include a drop-down for location, but my connector settings dialog only asks for API Key and Base URL:
I've verified that I'm using the correct API Key and Base URL (copied directly from the API console), but still no go. Any ideas?

Update: I just realized that in addition to the 'IBM Watson' Connector, I also have 'Watson Natural Language'. This one does include the location drop-down. However, it still throws the same error as described above.



Appears you have an outdated connector if it's called "IBM Watson". Have you checked in Manager for new connectors in the Lang category? Here are latest:


Yes, I realized after I'd submitted my support request that I also had 'Watson Natural Language' connector installed. I get the same error when using the new connector.