HttpStatus on Amazon



I have a bunch of Amazon URLs that I would like to check the status of.

I have used the HttpStatus, but it seems to vary with accuracy...
The following links all gives me status 200 - even though no. 2 and 4 should be 404.




Perhaps you an older version or SeoTools or caching turned on or other custom settings in the Global HTTP Settings? It should work:



Thank you for your response. I have not caching turned on - and I have fiddled with the custom settings besides that.

I have the same inconsistency problem with other SEO functions, like HtmlTitle and HtmlH1

Please see excel output below



I could only post one image, so here's the corresponding chrome "tab-headers"



Is it always the same URLs even after you wait a while? It could be because Amazon detects scraping and blocks your requests.


No, it's happening with multiple other URLs as well.


So one URL can work one day but not next day? Then it is Amazon blocking the requests. Perhaps try to use delay or even better a list of proxies. Both settings available in Global HTTP Settings