HTTP Status: 404 on Pages that aren't 404


Hi there,

when checking HTTP Status Codes with SEOTools for Excel it responds with "404 Not Found" for certain pages suddenly.

Examples: - 200 - 200 - 200 - 200 - 404 - 404 - 404 - 404

The 404-Pages are all from the same pagetype but don't know what could be the reason.
First I thought it's because SeoTools adds a trailing slash to all URLs and we changed the behavior to 404 on trailing-slash-variants. But then URLs like should also send an 404-Error and that's not the case.

Any Ideas someone? @nielsbosma ?



That is weird, I get correct results:

The 404 page seems to be broken:


@diskborste Thanks for checking the pages. I made a 2nd test from another pc with new SeoTools-Installation and it worked as well.

Now I reinstalled SeoTools on my main pc - but this time with deleting all AppData and now it works fine again. Seems like I had a misconfiguration in my SeoTools.config.xml.

@nielsbosma Maybe you could add the deletion of the AppData when using the "remove"-function in the Install Wizard?