How to get all backlinks for multiple URLs without manually putting each URL in?


For formulas that return multiple rows of values, is there any way to enter a list of URLs and have the results output all together?

I have a column of URLs.

And I want to get all backlinks to all of the URLs, using the Ahrefs backlink integration.

I have tried to use the formula inserted by SEOTools, but since it returns multiple rows of results, most cells get overwritten.

Is there a way to do this for the whole list of URLs without manually putting in each URL into SeoToolsforExcel?



No easy way to do this, but we plan to expand on the inputs so it can take ranges for all cases, even when the results are 2d arrays.

One simple approach is to use formulas and get only the backlink URL and transpose it. Then use additional formulas to get the rest of the metrics.

VBA is better, but not easy if you don't code. I have used VBA for this exact purpose, and it works great.



Thank you for the suggestion. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this, can you explain this part in more detail, or direct me to something that explains how to do this?



After doing a little bit of testing, I think I understand what you mean.

Two questions:

  1. Doing this would take more Ahrefs API credits, correct? Once for pulling the backlink URL and then once for each formula times each metric?

  2. Somewhat related: Everytime I pull the "backlinks One Per Domain" metric, each entry consumes 2 credits for some reason, regardless of how many Fields I select in the dump. Is this normal behavior?

  1. Yes, it is far from ideal.

  2. Yes, the specific endpoint consumes two credits per request, regardless of fields:

Using filters and requesting large amount of rows would cost more. The pagination is set to 1000 rows.


Got it, thank you for the explanation.


Yes it is my known pain too. My workaround for this:

  • Paste your URLs into, say, A
  • Run a shortcut, which pasts between each filled cell MANY empty lines (MANY means more then you expect backlinks will be there), like here:
  • Create a formula getting backlinks, anything like =SemRushBacklinks(a2)
  • Paste the formula into B2 and pull to bottom
  • After backlinks are in, delete empty lines
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This is so smart!

I will give this a try. Thank you for sharing!