How to do site: command?

Hi there,

is it possible to do a site command? Or a hack for a list of indexed urls anyone?

I'd need to extract the urls indexed and import into Excel... Is that possible?



To output each of the found URL's, try this:

If you just want a count, use this:

  1. Replace "" with the domain you're searching for.
  2. Change "19" to the number of results you want for an output on the first cell
  3. You can also change "" to reference a cell by removing the quotes and inputting the cell (ie: A1, without quotes, between the commas as shown, below.)


NOTE: I'm using the "&" character to combine both text strings because the concatenate function breaks this (and some other) functions.


Hi Ryan, thanks for your help!

This one works for my site (German Excel :smile:) :

The URIs I am searching for should be 6.500 in total. That's what Google says for the site: command. But within Excel I only get up to 90 URIs even with the limit set at 1000 - seems strange to me.. Any idea why?