How to direct reference cells | Instagram Location Lookup



First post here, excuse me if this is not the right place for this.

I've been using SEO Tools for Excel to extract Instagram data with the out of the box connectors for a short while, and its fantastic.

But to make the most of this, I'd like to directly reference cells with my data instead of entering it by hand one at a time.

I managed to make some headway doing that with the Instagram Scraper connector, with something like this for example that references cell C2:


But when I try something similar with the Instagram connector Location Lookup, I get an InvalidCastException error.

The working formula looks like this:


But when I use a direct cell reference like this:


Well that's when I get the InvalidCastException. Is this doable? Any help would be appreciated!

Screenshot of the exact situation for extra insight:


On a totally different topic, is there some kind of marketplace where I can hire someone if I need advanced custom work done for SEOTools ?



Great question! This is because Seotools wants a string as an input but gets a number. You can solve this by either manually store the location id as a string, or easier with adjusted formula to make Excel treat it as a string:



Send me an email at and tell me more about the custom work you have in mind :slight_smile:


Hi @diskborste, and thanks so much for your reply, I am now enjoying my SEOTools like 100 times more!

Although I had to change the colons in your example to commas for my formulas to work, maybe a typo? No matter, this is great and was quite a simple fix as I had hoped.

Not really up to speed on the situation with strings, hence also my question for finding someone who knows what they are doing. There are limits to my tinkering with my current knowledge, but I can see great things can be done with this plugin. I will contact you to discuss this further :grin:


Yeah, I use semi-colons are argument separators because of regional settings. Default in European countries while commas are standard in US :slight_smile:


Ahaha, it crossed my mind that something like that could be happening, but I thought naw, these are sancrosant formulas... but I guess not. Just sent you a mail :wave:


Hi @diskborste, did you get my mail? Haven't heard from you and I'm worried it might have ended up in your spam folder or something.


@delagarde Yes, I did :slight_smile: It's a tricky challenge, but will reply later today.


Thanks for the reply, great, looking forward to hear from you.. If anyone can do it, it must be you, since I now noticed that you are the creator of most of the Instagram Connectors, respect :grinning: