How to create exclude filter for GoogleSearch.NumberOfResults?


Include filter works like a charme.

But if i want to exclude a domain, no syntax works for me :frowning:


and some further, much more weird variants...


Hi, I've added a parameter to exclude domains. Available via Manager :slight_smile:

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Cool! I even realized, that both parameters, query and excluded domain, should be better provided as exact match. I.e.:

Now it works like: query
Should be: "query" -site:""

Because: if query, or domain, or both, have more then one word, like
query a query b
search results could mismatch. For this case it should be better
"query a query b" -site:""
Specially on searching for brand mentions is exact match substantial.


Not sure I'm following you. Google identifies the syntax with "site:foo" or "-site:foo" and correctly distinguishes this from the normal query. Adding the query in quotes will create false results when the user hasn't chosen this.

How about skipping the Domain and Exclude Domain input boxes and the user provides the query and can chose the special filters in the query string?


I.e. we have a brand, build by two words, like american apparel. Now i want to search for brand mentions everywhere in the web, beside of the brand website Lets do two searches:

  1. american apparel delivers 384.000.000 results

  2. "american apparel" delivers 19.900.000 results

You see, the second search is much more exact - it looks for the whole brand, and not for its parts. Thats what i mean. It would be nice to add "" to both of query and exclude domain to make exacter searches.


Okay, for query 2 it is possible to just use "american apparel". However, perhaps not intuitive when the other filter syntax exists in separate input boxes. That's why I suggested just using a long search string and removing the Domain filters.