How to automate Keywordtools requests?


I've got 10k keywords to get volume for, is the only way to do this to paste them in 800 at a time?

Is there a formula I can put in adjactent cells so I can pull them all in 800 blocks but that I have to set just once to get the whole list done?



The Keyword Tool connector is written so it can take unlimited number of inputs. It will take batches of 50 so the official 800 limit is not relevant here.

If it doesn't work you may need to update the connector via Manager:


The problem I run into is that it only does the first 50 that I enter into the keyword box. How do I get it to check everything I enter there?

Also if accepts 800 per call, why does the tool only do 50 per call?


I think this is because we assume there will always be the same data size returned back and if there are less than 50 (or 800) Seotools thinks it's complete. I've fixed this in a new build and perhaps you can try it and see if it works:

Regarding your other question, 800 is also fine, not sure why I chose 50.


Yeah definitely not an issue of data size, if I put the same list (well the first 700) into the keyword tools form on the site it returns the whole list back. Plus no matter what size (over 50) I input through the addon it only ever returns 50. Will give the update a shot, cheers.

The reason why 50 per call might be an issue is because if someone has a huge list like me, then doing 50 kw per request instead of 800 will burn through the request budget 16x as fast.


If a batch request of 800 counts as a single request credit wise, then of course we should use 800. I have updated the connector which is available from the Manager:


Nice one, cheers! Now the last thing is now that I'm able to get volume for kw lists over 50, it is throwing up an error "a keyword exceeds the maximum allowed length. The length of any given keyword cannot exceed 80 characters. "

But I have double checked and the longest keyword in the list is 33 characters including spaces... Only happens when I am using an excel range in the submit box instead of copy pasting the keywords in there.


That is strange, I don't see how the code can result in that behavior. I have tried a new way to serialize the json array for keyword batches. Can you update and try again?

Also, if it doesn't work, can you email me your license key= It would be helpful when debugging this issue.


Updated but now I just get a 'no search query provided' error.