How can I get more results from the Youtube Videos Search Tool?


I’m using the Youtube videos search tool and it has been a MASSIVE help for my business. I was curious if there was a way to increase the amount of results I get per search though. I’ve never been able to get above 600 results pasted into excel on one search.

It looks like it grabs videos that were published in the past two 2-3 days really well but as soon as you get past that it starts pulling videos that were published months and years ago.

Is there any way to get more results or is this just a limit that is set within the Youtube API?




You are indeed correct that YouTube imposes a limit of no more than 500 or so results. This can be handled with the date parameter and making several requests with different time periods.

I've updated the YouTube connector with this function:

You can copy the following code and replace the old code in the Youtube.xml file located in install directory/connectors folder:


This may be a dumb question, but every time i open up the xml file and try to replace it, it's telling me "access is denied"

Do you know how to get around this?


Try to login to windows as Administrator :slight_smile:


Okay I got it figured out but now I am getting this error


Is line 241 identical to my line 241?


Yep, that’s exactly the same as what I see on my end


That is weird. Can you email me a copy of the Youtube.xml file?


This part was found in your code: (my code is to the right)

When opening in notepad, those characters translated into:

I removed it and it works as expected. Can you try it? I highly recommend Notepad++ to edit these type of files.