Historical Data in Sistrix


One quick question: Is it possible to acced the historical rankings in sistrix with the api? I want to check in Excel if domains had rankings before.


Hi Nosh,

Do you know if there is any API documentation for historical rankings?


Will check. But I guess that I only have what you already have :frowning: https://www.sistrix.com/api/


Hmm, can´t find anything. Thought that there could be a hack or something :frowning: In only need to know if a list of domains had rankings before. Thanks anyway


Hi Nosh,
i´ve been facing the same problem.
Here´s the part of the API documentation you´ve been searching for:

I believe the best way to get this data using the sistrx API is to use "Dump" + "XPathOnUrl" as the sistrix connector doesn´t provide this feature so far.

Maybe this could be an aditional feature in a future release?

I hope this helps...



Hi, thanks for looking into the Sistrix API. The endpoint you linked is already included in the Sistrix Connector, labeled "Keyword SEO". However, the date parameter is hardcoded to "now" and I've updated it to be selectable. Unfortunately, I don't have any Sistrix credits so can't test this now.


If you mail me at victor@seotoolsforexcel.com I can send you the updated connector file.