Help please seo tool new version didnot work anymore


Hello everybody
We buy new version of seo tool and now our xpathurl formula stopped working
is there something we can do to rebuild a new formula running with new version of seo tool?
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Can you give me an example of the formula that used to work?


thanks for your reply

xpathurl actually used[@id="rooms-and-rates"]/ul/li[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div/div[1]/strong this part is the xmlurlpath =&hotel-id=//[@id="rooms-and-rates"]/ul/li[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div/div[1]/strong
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Can you show a picture of the item on the page you want to extract? It is possible the HTML structure has changed.


Hi, thanks for the answer and sorry for the response delay.. i was lot busy

the xpathurl used is to extract price on website, however the xpathurl used is*[@id="rooms-and-rates"]/ul/li[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div/div[1]/strong then hotel id are defined by a list we create with all the different id needed to scrap
the html page maybe change the code of xpath , th item is both hotels
here included you will find the picture of the selected hotelsid on website

thanks for your help



Still don't see a URL in your reply and not sure what you are trying to extract from that image example.