Help Needed Finding Contact Pages link in url


I want to find any contact page listed in a website like , inurl:contact or intext:contact (having a "herf" value to return)

as i just wanted to find linkedin company pages(not account) from a website. so i added a new connector ID by editing a little on "OnPageScrapers" connector this code:

and it returned me exactly what i wanted.

Just wondering if possible to grab "contact" "about" pages link by doing something like this?




Sure, that is possible. Do you have an example page containing this particular tag?



I don't see any inurl or intext tags on those pages.


I think I should myself more clear.
please check "" this website. there is a page "CONTACT US" which have a hyperlink ""
Suppose I have 1000 website like "" and I want to scrape all those pages for the contact pages link. How can I do that?

so my goal is to scrape only contact pages link from a number of websites.


This will depend on the page you're scraping and how the HTML is structured. In this case you can find the Contact page by extracting a link containing the string "contact" like this:

In other cases it might be better to use the div or meta tags.


can you please tell me how to use div or meta tag ?


I recommend learning XPath so you can extract whatever you like from each website. Also, the HtmlMeta is an easy function: