GSC: Site Impression vs. URL Impression Tables

❯ How can I query either the URL Impression or the Site Impression table in GSC?

I am struggling with the metrics discrepancies in my reports, as compared to DataStudio or GSC.

In DataStudio, I note that my reports have to choose between the "Site Impression" table, or the "URL Impression" table. Depending on which one I choose, my metrics in my report will be aggregated in one of two ways:

  1. When a property appears in a SERP (even multiple times), that appearance is counted for the site and added to the Site Impression table.

  2. However, if multiple distinct URLs of a property appear in a SERP, each distinct URL appearnce gets counted in the URL Impression table.

In DataStudio, you can choose which of those tables toi report on. (The Site Impressions table does not have URL-level data, but does have query-level data.)


In GSC the default performance view appears to pull from the Site table, but if you filter on the URLs or the queries, the data appears to come from the URL table instead.

In SEOToolsForExcel, however, it seems we can currently only query the Site Impressions table.

❯ How can I query the URL Impressions table?

Bump… Anyone seen this?