Google translate connector breaks HTML tags


When I translate HTML content with Google translate connector, it breaks HTML tags.

For example:

<p><strong>Text to translate</strong></p>


Translated text

All my html tags are lost.

How can I protect the HTML tags of my HTML content?

Thanks for you help.

Can you update the connector and try this new checkbox?



Thanks for your help. I updated the plugin and checked "HTML format". But the translation doesn't work for me. I get this error message:

I tried with several langages and texts but I always get this error.

Can you update the connector again and try?

Thanks for your quick reply.

There is nothing to update yet:

Should I just wait?

I just recieved and did the update. But I still get the very same error message.

Here is what I did:

  • I updated the connector
  • I closed Excel
  • I used the new connector
  • Same error message

Is that working on your computer?

I updated the plugin, but the translation doesn't work.
I get this error message:

Thanks for you help.

Thanks, I need to try the connector myself to debug this. Do you get invalid value error when there are no html tags in the text?

I tried with and with HTML code in the text. I also tried with and without "HTML format" checked. In every cases, I get the error "Invalid Value - Insert values failed.

Thanks for you help.


Unfortunately, it is not working for me!

Can you please correct this problem quickly (I have a deadline to meet)?

Thanks for you help.

I have the same problem.

Did they get in touch with you by email? They do not answer my forum post either...

Hi, I've fixed the "invalid value" issue but it appears there's no way to preserve HTML tags when translating. At least I've tried all available request parameters.

You can update the connector via Manage:

Thank you Victor !